aw jeez i hope this works as well out of context! just a little idea i had from me and eren’s roleplaying stuff.

man i dunno i just really like drawing faces. i should do actual fanart of some of these characters sometime

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ERENNNNNNNNN i spent way too long wrestling with both emofuri and tumblr’s hatred of gifs for this, so i hope you like it!

i’ve still been thinking about those characters i drew…four weeks ago now? sheesh. i need to update more often.

CHARACTER DESIGN SKETCHES WOOOO these are in chronological order, so you can kinda see how things progressed. i really wanted to stretch my boundaries on colour palettes and facial features, so most of these were kickstarted using this random palette generator (though with heavy modifications).

they’re all for a particular ships-themed project, which is why a couple of the characters are a little nautical.


so, man…me and my girlfriend have been playing through xenonauts lately. its such a freakin stressful game. every move i make i feel like i’m gonna kill another soldier that i’ve gotten attached to. probably because that’s literally what’s been happening throughout the game, we’ve gone through maybe three teams by now. this game is so tough, but so strategically interesting which keeps me going despite all the disasters piling on. i’m a big fan of xcom and its been great playing a game like it but with more of a challenge.

anyway, after about a dozen soldiers down (probably more) we found out that unlike xcom, this game doesn’t create a soldier memorial. so i’ve started taking screenshots of every new recruit we get to remember them by when they inevitably die. i’ll put this under a cut because its gonna get super long, but here’s all our people so far…

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got another random burst of weapon inspiration

got another random burst of weapon inspiration

in this second episode of incredibly impractical weapon designs: “glass, seriously?” and “is that a really unwieldy sword or a spear i wouldn’t be able to grip properly?”

a few extra sketches i did while playing heroes rise! wow i hardly never scan this kinda stuff.

the centre pic is balter and his boyfriend from the first game who was described as looking inexplicably like kanye west. sorry for my terrible rendition of kanye west.

not-fun replied to your post: i recently finished the heroes rise ga…

was that that game you showed me like ages ago with the free preview cause i liked that game

IT WAS THAT VERY GAME its come so far now hahaha, the trilogy’s completely finished and its been re-released on steam! there’s a review of the steam release here if you’re curious :3